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Land Planes

Quick Specs...

12', 16', 20' or 24' models
22" Blade Depth
2 to 4 Cu. Yd. Blade Capacity
Single or Dual High Flotation Carrier Wheels
4-1/2" Diameter Depth Control Cylinder
Quick hitch and S-Tine Attachments optional

Combine maximum production, precision performance and high speed maneuverability

The Art's Way land plane ensures even distribution of rainfall and irrigation. Our soil smoothing equipment improves surface drainage, controls erosion and will help you handle sub-surface moisture. Art's Way's patented floating hitch design erases dead furrows, back furrows and implement scars, giving you a leveled field that makes efficient use of expensive water. Each plant needs its share, so our land plane eliminates high and low spots, sending water all the way to the end of the row. And since it's designed for use at high speeds, you can skip those extra passes. Less watering means less time and labor, and more money in your pocket.