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Forage Boxes

Quick Specs...

16', 18', or 20' Models
Front, Front/Rear, and Rear Unload
Boxes With Roof or Receiver Boxes, Wagon or Truck Mount
4-Spd. Shift-Under-Load Synchronized Gear Transmission
Crop Clear "Rafterless Rool"
Superior Strength EX-TEN Steel - 67% Stronger

Improve forage quality with high capacity harvesting.

The Miller Pro forage box is well recognized for its exceptional performance, reliability and long-lasting durability. Today's high capacity forage harvesting requires faster ways of getting the job done. Art's Way offers Miller Pro boxes for both truck and trailer mount to meet these needs. They can run behind or along side self-propelled forage harvesters. Art's Way offers an extensive line of forage handling equipment to help you bring in higher quality forage, and get it into your silos, bunkers or bags faster. You'll find several models to choose to add convenience to your work. The entire line is available either with roofs or as open top models. Truck mount and trailer models add more choices to fill every need.

The Miller Pro forage boxes are the longest forage handling line in the industry and offer excellence in design, state of the art manufacturing, highest quality of material plus exceptional fit and finish. The exclusive 4-speed shift-under-load enclosed gear transmission is the only offering of its kind in the industry. Consistency of speeds is a major advantage of the 4-speed positive gear transmission. Control is smooth and predictable and clean out is faster with speeds up to 12.1 ft/min. When looking to improve your forage quality with high capacity harvesting, look to the long standing Miller Pro line from Art's Way Manufacturing.