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Finger Wheel Rakes

Quick Specs...

8 and 10 Wheel Trailer V-Type Maximum Working Width - 18' to 21"8" 12 and 14 Wheel High Capacity Maximum Working Width - 25' to 28'4" 16 and 18 Wheel Heavy Duty High Capacity Maximum Working Width - 31'4" to 35'

Big capacity, high clearance and clean design V-style finger wheel rake

Miller Pro Wheel rakes offer hay and forage growers what they’re looking for most in a high performance V-style finger wheel rake, VALUE. Features include Big Capacity, High Clearance and a clean design using many common parts. With 6 models grouped in three basic frame designs, Miller Pro offers a wheel rake to match your needs. Raking widths range from 19.5’ to 35’, which is wide enough for 2 – 20’ mowers laying the hay as wide as the swath shields allow. Miller Pro wheel rakes will cover your acres quickly and leave fluffy and smooth windrows behind. Miller Pro finger wheel rakes offer low horsepower requirements, sturdy construction and are easy to adjust, operate and maintain.