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5105 Grinder Mixer

Quick Specs...

            • 105 Bu. Tank
            • 20" Hammer Mill
            • 600 Square Inch Grinder Screen Area
            • 13 Screen Sizes Available
            •  Hammers - 36 Hardened, 4-Way
            • Reversible 540 RPM PTO


Consistent and efficient in creating top quality ration mix.

Our portable 5105 Grinder Mixer features a 105-bushel tank with a 20-inch hammermill, which can be easily tailored to the specific needs of your livestock operation. The time-tested mixing auger and tube design of the 5105 allows ingredients to blend thoroughly and uniformly, yielding a superior and reliable mix. And since the uploading auger sports an impressive 324-degree swing radius, you'll never have to reposition the discharge tube from one side of the tank again. No more jockeying the tractor. The 5105 Grinder Mixer also offers a choice of mechanical or hydraulic lift and swing, and an optional hydraulic auger feeder. So if you're looking for a superior quality mix, and a mixer that offers high upside and low maintenance, choose a 5105 Grinder Mixer. It's got all of the helpful and time saving features you expect from Art's Way.