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Art’s Way Manufacturing Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARTW) is a strong and growing brand, and a solid investment. We owe our success to the innovation, quality and durability represented by our brand, and the outstanding customer service we provide. We’re proud of our products, and that our way of doing business has led to the significant return our shareholders have been seeing on their investment. Art’s Way investors have confidence in our stock and its longevity because we have more than 50 years of experience in the specialized agricultural equipment industry and a steady track record of financial growth. Our grinder mixers, manure spreaders, hay and forage equipment, harvesters and other types of farm machinery continue to set new design and performance standards for the farming and livestock industries, keeping our customers happy and our stock healthy.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Marc H. McConnell, Chairman of the Board, Director

J. Ward McConnell, Jr., Vice Chairman of the Board, Director

Thomas E. Buffamante, Director

David R. Castle, Director

Joseph R. Dancy, Director

David A. White, Director


Corporate - Art's Way Mfg